KinKal War Journals

The first Sessions

Trouble with Goblins

So I had met this weird group of adventurers; a goth Paladin of the Raven Queen and his…friend…partner…I’m not sure, but a Cleric, also of the Raven Queen. The Paladin, a half elf seemed a little weak to be wearing that heavy armor, but the cleric – a hulking dragonborn, also worshiping the Raven Queen – has enough muscles for the whole group! The other member worries me the most – which is saying a lot – is a tiefling wizard with a rather unhealthy attraction to fire. I mean sure he can light enemies on fire but I’m a little afraid that it may spread to more than enemies…

So I was stuck in Loudwater – it was the first place I came across when I came out of the woods for the winter. Yeah, I prefer nature but let’s be real – a roaring fire and cozy bed beats a cold rock any day. So this place is kinda interesting but pretty dull – no orcs to kill, no slavers to fill full of arrows.

So we were hanging out – the Paladin, Cleric, Wizard, and I, doing a little shopping in the market when the freaking wall explodes! Good thing I was behind a building or it might have made me REALLY angry! Goblins rush in, hacking away at the poor human townsfolk and downing several almost before the dust settles.

Well I was having none of that – even if they weren’t raiding for slaves goblins were nasty, smelly, and stupid. So they get standard treatment – fill’em full of arrows! There sure were a lot of them because despite flinging arrows like crazy they were all over me, stabbing me with their crappy weapons.

Then all of a sudden most of them went running past and into this curio shop. Meanwhile, some big nasty goblin had blinded the tiefling and some tough goblins had surrounded the dragonborn. Despite several stab wounds from those annoying goblins I leapt to the aid of the dragonborn with my shortswords, deftly tumbling over a cart of goods on my way.

That dragonborn did something that closed a bunch of my wounds – pretty cool but not that I really needed it. I rushed to the far side of the goblin mage and smacked him with my swords. His armor absorbed most of the damage but I got his attention. He stepped back and did some strange crap – just what I had expected. Some spikes grew from the ground around me and I knew if I moved it would hurt – a LOT. Who needs to move! Away went the big knives and out came ol’faithful. Arrows flew but this guy was tough and kept shrugging them off. Still, soon he fell and I rushed off to help out in the shop.

Inside there was only a single goblin left who immediately moved to take the shop keeper hostage. Stupid goblin…like taking a captive was going to make us stop? I danced around, and he attacked me but suddenly his skin bubbled with a divine energy and he fell dead. The morose Paladin actually almost grinned.

We cleaned up from the battle, finding a couple gems and some note about resurrecting an ogre king. Apparently the goblins were after some dagger in the shop as directed by a goblin shaman named Sancossug. The shaman intended to use the dagger (the Horn Totem) and the Skull Totem that he already possessed to resurrect some Ogre King. The shopkeeper gave us the dagger as it clearly meant trouble and he didn’t want anything of that sort. He told us that he had gotten it from a wizard named Kurvar who hung out in the tavern.

So after a brief explanation to the town guard we went to find Kurvar to see if he could tell us the way to find the goblin lair. He was a self-righteous, cocky jerk who thought that we had to prove that we were worthy. I was ready to walk out and just follow their trail but the others managed to convince him that we were worthy. He not only told us the way but threw in a pair of boots, showed us where a trap was, and said if we prove ourselves by returning with the Skull Totem that he’d tell us the secret of the ogre king.

So off we wandered – without any rest – to the goblin barrows. It turned out it was the location of an old dwarven stronghold named Amarindar. The dwarves had abandoned it during the spell plague.

Underground we came to a dead end, but I knew there must be something there and found a cleverly hidden door. Popping it open revealed a large room with dwarven statues and a swarm of goblins. They charged forward but couldn’t get to me through the door. I drew back a pair of arrows and, after stabbing the first goblin with them, I shot two more. As much as it pained me I figured I should let the others have some fun so I stepped out of the way.

Our fire-loving wizard stepped up and lit a bunch of them up with a big fan of flames. And just for future reference, goblins smell even worse when they burn. The wizard was followed by the dragonborn cleric who not only electrocuted a few with is breath but also then turned and bonked one on the head with his mace! Man that guy can bring it.

Hardly any time had passed and there were only a couple goblins left – though they were tough ones including a shaman of some sort. I stepped up on a rock behind the dragon born, took careful aim and buried a shaft into the flesh of each one. Lo and behold neither fell but both were in pain and bleeding and soon they were crushed, cut, and burned.

At the top of the ramp in the room (after the Dragonborn had found the pit in the middle of the room) we found some rune covered altar device. Apparently it was some sort of teleport that the dwarves had used to escape during the spell plague.

My compatriots tried to listen down the next hall but were like two stooges bumping into stuff. I heard some scraping and moaning sounds – sounded like zombies and of course it was. Unfortunately I was too worried about the big oafs and set off an alarm.

A portcullis opened, releasing the zombies and as we made quick work of them a pair of rather skilled goblins stepped out of a door on the opposite side of the hallway. With some clever tactical maneuvering the Paladin pulled the rogue-looking goblin away from the blinded cleric while I repeatedly stabbed the large goblin.

Eventually our combined efforts resulted in many dead zombies and two dead goblins. I swear that big guy had 20 holes in him from my shortswords. Would have been a lot easier with my bow but sometimes stabbing stuff with big knives is fun too.

We decided we had found a good spot to rest and recover. There were some stairs down but we were in a good spot to cover ourselves and venture down when our energy was restored.



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